Automatic Subgenre Classification of Heavy Metal Music by Valeri Tsatsishvili

By Valeri Tsatsishvili

Автор, основываясь на строго научном подходе, рассматривает вопросы, возникающие при попытке классифицировать жанры метал-музыки и предлагает собственное решение проблемы. Предлагаемый материал - часть его магистерской диссертации.

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The latter condition is equivalent to the requirement that in each iteration a classifier should achieve more than 50% classification accuracy. After several iterations defined by the user, the output of the classifiers is combined using a weighted vote. M1 are calculated by ????????????????ℎ???? = − log ???? 1−???? Finally, for a given instance all the predicted classes during iterations are considered and the weights of the classifiers voting for each class are summed and the class with the highest total is selected.

Furthermore, melodic metalcore far more frequently involves clean vocals and melodic harmonized guitar solos compared to melodic death music. Grindcore – mixture of death, industrial, and hardcore punk. One of the pioneers of the genre was the band Napalm Death, whose influential album Scum (released in 1987) featured extremely short songs with incredibly fast tempos and deep grunted vocals, features that became template for the genre. 16 Black Metal The label ‘Black Metal’ appeared in the 1980s and referred to the music of bands such as Venom, Bathory and Hellhammer featuring satanic image and lyrics.

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