Atlas of Hand Surgery by Sigurd Pechlaner, F. Kerschbaumer, H. Hussl

By Sigurd Pechlaner, F. Kerschbaumer, H. Hussl

This massive and fantastically illustrated atlas describes all significant techniques in hand surgical procedure. step-by-step, difficult and transparent unique drawings of excessive creative price depict the surgical ways and methods.Following an introductory bankruptcy at the anatomical foundation of hand surgical procedure, the scientific a part of the booklet treats hand surgical procedure in traumatology, cosmetic surgery and orthopedics.The nice care that used to be given to the education of this surgical atlas is matched by way of the comprehesive therapy of the thoughts.

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X 3 4 and 5 . g. muscle, skin or liver. H. isoenzyme may vary considerably from person to person. In disease repeat estimations are therefore desirable to detect any change in any particular fraction. ). D. H. H. H. D. α-hydroxybutyric acid. H. there is a gradually increasing activity against α-oxobutyrate. ) (Wilkinson, 1962). D. 9 1965). D. c o m p a r e d w i t h other e n z y m e s in m y o c a r d i a l infarction Fig. D. e. when the other enzymes have returned to normal. D. is that it is not elevated after a surgical operation (Preston, 1964).

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