[Article] Karate injuries in children and adolescents by Merrilee N. Zetaruk, Mariona A. Violan, David Zurakowski,

By Merrilee N. Zetaruk, Mariona A. Violan, David Zurakowski, Lyle J. Micheli

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More broadly, CARU’s guidelines and case-by-case enforcement do not address the core of the matter: children’s food preferences and choices are manipulated by advertising. Changing how the sales pitch is couched does not change that or the fact that most ads aimed at children promote low-nutrition foods. Illustrated and Rolling Stone, use promotions such as hat giveaways, which appeal to youth, and use in-store displays and promotions that reach children (National Center for TobaccoFree Kids, 2001).

There is a dose-response relationship), which adds to the evidence that the relationship between television viewing and obesity is causative, rather than just an 38 Watching more television is associated with less healthful eating patterns (Robinson & Killen, 1995), even when controlling for the child’s reading level, parental education level and other factors (Signorielli & Lears, 1992). , 1989). , 2001). Although a similar association was found for boys, the results were not statistically significant.

Agree not to market low-nutrition foods to children or encourage children to overeat. Prohibit the marketing of lownutrition foods in schools. Require that soft drink and vending contracts between schools and companies be reviewed by parents and other community members before they are signed. Ensure that the foods and beverages to be sold through those contracts meet nutrition standards. Prohibit the sale of soft drinks and other high-calorie, low-nutrition foods in schools anywhere on campus throughout the school day.

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