Applied Electricity-A Text-Book of Electrical Engineering by J. Paley Yorke

By J. Paley Yorke

The character of those relies on conditions. A volume of electrical energy might be discharged via a compound liquid and the consequences produced will be chemical, heating, and magnetic. The liquid will be decomposed ;it will be heated by way of the passage of the electrical energy ;and approximately it there will be a magnetic box. but when an identical volume be discharged via a cord there may simply be results produced, the heating and the magnetic. A achieve, if an identical volume be at relaxation on a physique there'll be no facts of any of those results ;but it may be shewn that the physique is in a position to attracting to itself any mild debris of topic, and of repelling different our bodies equally charged with electrical energy. This charged physique wouldn't be heated via the resident electrical energy; there will be no signal of any magnetic box in its neighbourhood ;and if the cost have been resident on a liquid there will be no chemical influence for that reason. those are uncomplicated proof and are summed up within the assertion that the phenomena of electrical energy in movement are diversified from these of electrical energy at relaxation upon our bodies. while a physique is charged with electrical energy it really is in a position to doing paintings it could actually allure mild debris of topic or repel equally charged our bodies and it accordingly possesses power as well as its gravitational strength. this extra strength is electric strength and depends on the volume of electrical energy and the potential for the physique. P. Y.
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P. Y. The coil type of 3 APPLIED ELECTRICITY ammeter is in reality a in Chapter III. The "shunted" voltmeter, and Electro-Dynamometer. largely as a secondary standard is An that is described instrument known used as Siemens's dynamometer. In the instrument there are two coils of low resistance and of rectangular form arranged so that their These planes are vertical and perpendicular to each other. coils are arranged so that one is inside the other as shewn in the diagrammatic figure 12. " Electrical as the movable coil cups at the base of the instrument.

42 '5. This was noted every minute to see that current was constant. Mass of kathode at From this data it follows that end of experiment the mass of silver deposited = 1 *46 52*76 grammes. grammes, number of seconds during which the current was = 1200. passed the Now O'OOlllSl gms. of silver are deposited in 1 sec. by a current of 1 ampere. '. O'OOlllSl x 1200 grammes of silver are deposited in 1200 sees, by a current of 1 ampere. '. 1 '341 72 grammes of silver are deposited in 1200 sees. by a current of /.

By starting with all the sistance say 100 ohms and gradually decreasing be can current the gradually increased to the maximum it, current for which the instruments are calibrated. (The resistance in circuit resistance coil used should be capable therefore of carrying undue heating. ) not be must box resistance Simultaneous readings should be taken of the instruments, down. The firstly going up the scale and secondly coming this current safely without following are results obtained in this way : APPLIED ELECTRICITY 32 The cally by differences in the readings are best illustrated graphimeans of a curve known as a curve of differences, or of errors.

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