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Of interest were the mother's comments concerning the lack of English-speaking playmates during the visit. Thus, trips to the English-speaking country, although important, may have a greater impact if they involve the opportunity for the child to interact with other children. With regard to the children's Swedish, however, development in this language appeared to be progressing normally. The length of the children's utterances (this being a common measure used by researchers to judge children's progress in language development) showed a similar pattern of development to that of monolingual Swedish-speaking children taking part in another research study.

Other studies have also shown that the majority language often dominates, especially as the child grows older. Métraux's study was also important in pointing out the role of personality factors in becoming bilingual. The results showed that extroverted children who easily adapted to new situations had an easier time learning a second language than those who were introverted or slow in adapting to new situations. Trilingualism in the Mixed-Language Family Many families are presented with a trilingual situation in the home.

Although the above results with regard to the Canadian teenagers reflect a rather ideal situation they, nevertheless, suggest factors which are important if children are to positively identify with both of their languages and cultures. " (Grosjean, 1982: 166). In addition to the role of parents, the above quotation also emphasizes the role of the school and society in influencing children's attitudes, both directly and indirectly. The indirect influence has to do with the ways in which these areas influence parents.

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