Analytical Chemistry Progress by Robert B. Green (auth.)

By Robert B. Green (auth.)

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Hotomultiplier Dye laser 1 ,1 Blocking filter 13 II' Ii Cut-off filter I 12 Beam splitter To pulse dividing electronic / Fluorescence celt L Wavelength tuning element dou bling crystal {KDP, LFM, KB5) Photodiode Io Fig. 7. g. of the bases) is dit~cult to be measured at room temperature and at neutral pH, since the fluorescence quantum yield lies in the range 10 -4 to 10 -5 . For this reason many investigations have been carried out at low temperatures. In order to examine the excited states of the nucleic acids with lasers, frequency doubled dye lasers or N d : Y A G lasers have to be used, because the nucleic acids absorb below 310 nm (Fig.

Klevanik et al. 39j used a subpicosecond double-beam absorption spectrometer consisting of a passively mode locked cw dye laser pumped by an argon laser and an amplifier system. After amplification the beam was split into two parts, one of which was directed into a "white light" continuum by passing a cell containing H20 and served as probing pulse, while the second one was used as an exciting pulse. The wavelength region for the exciting pulse was extended by stimulated Raman scattering in cyclohexane.

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