Abhinavagupta's hermeneutics of the absolute by Abhinavagupta, Rājānaka.; Bäumer, Bettina

By Abhinavagupta, Rājānaka.; Bäumer, Bettina

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The Paratrisika Vivarana through the nice Kashmiri thinker and mystic Abhinavagupta is an intensive remark at the Paratrisika Tantra, and it's essentially the most profound texts, not just of non-dualist Kashmir Saivism, yet of Indian philosophy and mysticism mostly. the current paintings makes an attempt to make this hard textual content obtainable, through culling out the $64000 issues and supplying an interpretation. the main target is at the realizing of absolutely the (Anuttara) and the how you can are aware of it. The crucial topic of mantra additionally results in a mysticism of language with its philosophical implications. these kinds of reflections and practices are inscribed within the thought that “everything is said to the totality”, “every half includes the complete of truth” (sarvam sarvatmakam). it really is this holistic imaginative and prescient of Abhinavagupta, in accordance with the Tantras, which makes this paintings so appropriate in our occasions of fragmented points of lifestyles and information looking for integration. doubtless, within the view of the Tantra and of Abhinavagupta, language and mantra give you the key.

This attention-grabbing ebook is a crucial contribution to reviews and interpretations on Kashmir Saivism, its spirituality and philosophy, and on Abhinavagupta in particular.

Dr. Bettina Baumer, indologist from Austria and Professor of spiritual reviews (Visiting Professor at a number of universities), residing and dealing in Varanasi due to the fact that 1967, is the writer and editor of a few books and over 50 learn articles. Her major fields of analysis are non-dualistic Kashmir Saivism, Indian aesthetics, temple structure and non secular traditions of Orissa, and comparative mysticism. She has been Coordinator of the Indira Gandhi nationwide Centre for the humanities, Varanasi, and Fellow, Indian Institute of complicated examine, Shimla. She has translated very important Sanskrit texts into German and English.

Dr. Andre Padoux, Paris, is likely one of the most excellent students on Tantra, Kashmir Saivism, and mantrasastra.

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Cf. The Isvarapratyabhijnakiirikii, tr. of IPK I. , p. 118. • 61. Cf. 2005 (in Samarasya), pp. 93-94. • 62. Cf. also the criticism by Isabelle Ratie in her article on "Othemess in the Pratyabhijftii . philosophy" Uournal of Indian Philosophy, 2007), where she gives a survey of the different translations with a similar criticism of the term "representation" for vimarsa. See her discussion on prakaSa and vimarsa, pp. 18-20. • 30 I ABHINAVAGUPTA'S HERMENEUTICS OF THE ABSOLUTE literal translation more meaningful than any interpretation.

Raghavan, Abhinavagupta and His Works, p. 1Z where he is listing three MSS, all from south India (Madras, Tanjore, Trivandrum). Not a single Sarada Ms has been found so far. 81. A. Sanderson, "A Commentary on the Opening Verses", in Samarasya, p. 142, footnote 124. 82. Cf. also his remarks in "The Saiva Exegesis of Kashmir", p. 379. ). The only difference is that he did not have the reasons for giving a south . Indian origin of the text. RN. Apart from other differences, it should be surprising that the two main hermeneutical schemes of the Vivara1;la are totally absent from the Laghuvrtti, namely the four levels of vac, and the doctrine of sarvaril sarviitmakam.

Similar summary verses in Prakrt in the Tantrasara are accompanied by a Sanskrit chiiya which is not the case in the Vivara1Ja. He also states that this language is quite different from the Prakft or Old Kashmiri of the Mahiiruzya PrakiiSa (studied by Grierson). Just as the other scholars dealing with this difficult text, I may also be excused for ignoring the Prakft passages. 18 I ABHINAVAGUPTA'S HERMENEUTICS OF THE ABSOLUTE One is a very personal and biographical one. In other works too he admits that they have been written on the request and insistence of his disciples, who are every time named and described.

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