A Pillar of Iron by Taylor Caldwell

By Taylor Caldwell

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Publish 12 months note: First released 1965

The spirit of old Rome in its final days of glory. The hero of the tale, the fellow known as "a pillar of iron" is Marcus Tullius Cicero, the lawyer-statesman who attempted vainly to save lots of the republic he enjoyed from the forces of tyranny. Unfolding listed here are the non-public dramas in the back of the good Roman hero's triumphs and defeats - and the intimate, deeply relocating tale of his determined love affair with the gorgeous Livia.

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It is written in their strange books, which they studv unremittingly. They also believe that man's soul is immortal, not to wander after death in pale shadowiness in some Plutonian imderworld, but to be conveyed by the Savior, or the Messias, as they call Him, into bright and eternal Isles of Bliss. And the body, they say, will on the last day be joined to its soul and the whole apparatus delivered intact into their heaven. I foimd the conception very entertaining. Their God is not gay and beautiful as are our gods.

He was usually afraid young though she was, and just come to womanhood, being only excellent of her, sixteen years old. " asked M. Tulhus, hoping for a larger fire His wife opened her eyes Nvide at him. "I am not cold," she said, in her firm voice. "More illness is caused by too much heat than in the brazier. " She eyed him "Are you cold in closely. " "Very cold," he said. She sighed, caught up one of her blankets and threw it over his knees maternally. "\Ve shall be warmer," she said, and ordered a slave to throw another handful of chips on the brazier.

The "old father," it was rumored, boasted that the Cicero family belonged to the Equestrian class, and tliat the Tullii were of old lius Attius, ruler of the crude early Romans. workmen openly Roman royal ancestry, and were sons who had won an honorable war the Volscians, By scoflEed at the time the last wall was of Tul- against in its place the such pretensions, and in the hearing of Hel- via, herself. She spoke of it to the "old father" with indulgence. "Is it not strange meanest of men, who are boastful of their lowliness, take umbrage at employment by those they fear are not as far alx)%'e them as that the Olympus is above the plain?

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