A Byte of Python 1.92 by Swaroop C. H.

By Swaroop C. H.

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The if statement The if statement is used to check a condition and if the condition is true, we run a block of statements (called the if-block), else we process another block of statements (called the else-block). The else clause is optional. )') # New block ends here elif guess < number: print('No, it is a little higher than that') # Another block # You can do whatever you want in a block ... py Enter an integer : 23 Congratulations, you guessed it. ) Done How It Works: In this program, we take guesses from the user and check if it is the number that we have.

Tuples are defined by specifying items separated by commas within an optional pair of parentheses. e. the tuple of values used will not change. py Number of animals in the zoo is 3 Number of cages in the new zoo is 3 All animals in new zoo are ('monkey', 'camel', ('python', 'elephant', 'penguin')) Animals brought from old zoo are ('python', 'elephant', 'penguin') Last animal brought from old zoo is penguin Number of animals in the new zoo is 5 How It Works: The variable zoo refers to a tuple of items.

E. variable names are local to the function. This is called the scope of the variable. All variables have the scope of the block they are declared in starting from the point of definition of the name. py x is 50 Changed local x to 2 x is still 50 How It Works: In the function, the first time that we use the value of the name x, Python uses the value of the parameter declared in the function. Next, we assign the value 2 to x. The name x is local to our function. So, when we change the value of x in the function, the x defined in the main block remains unaffected.

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